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Marijuana Special Election Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Belmont has a Special Election on Tuesday, September 25th
Polls open 7am - 8pm

Rides to the Polls offered 9am - 6pm
Contact the LWV at: or 617-771-8500

YES:   2,004   63.34%
NO:    1,160   36.66%
Turnout 18.22%

There is ONE question on the ballot and it's all about MARIJUANA:

What does a YES or a NO vote mean?

YES vote would:

a) Prohibit cultivation, manufacturing, and independent testing labs in BELMONT; and

b) Limit the number of state-issued retail licenses available in Belmont to 20% of the number of current alcohol retail licenses (TWO right now).

NO vote would:

ALLOW ALL TYPES of marijuana establishments in BELMONT and would NOT LIMIT the number of retail establishments. Retail stores as well as cultivators, manufacturers, and testing labs could apply for a license from the State to operate in Belmont.

What this ballot question does NOT DO:

1. It does NOT ban marijuana retail stores; neither a YES nor a NO vote would ˇ§opt-outˇ¨ Belmont from marijuana establishments. It restricts the type and number of licenses that would be available for issuance by the State.

2. It does not circumvent zoning bylaws. The Planning Board is diligently drafting bylaws for adult-use marijuana establishments, to be voted on at Town Meeting later this fall.

3. It does not pertain to Medical Marijuana (see warrant discussion in URL link above).

BACKGROUND: In the 2016 November General Election, a majority of votes cast in Belmont were in favor of allowing adult-use recreational marijuana in MA. This makes Belmont a "YES Town" and different rules apply to "YES Town" than "NO Towns". Therefore, Belmont is required to have a special election for ANY restriction on adult-use marijuana.

For more information:

Video of our LWV Marijuana Info Session on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Copy of Slides used at LWV Marijuana Info Session on September 20, 2018

MA Marijuana Regulations can be found at:

Guide to Municipalities can be found at:

Belmont Board of Health Regulations can be found at:

Belmont Town Clerk information on Marijuana Question:

Belmont Planning Board information on Marijuana Bylaws:

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