Making Democracy Work

What Does the Belmont League of Women Voters Do?

We are truly a grassroots organization...

Sponsors Candidates Night

Sponsors Candidates Night for all local elections.

Publishes the 'Voter Guide'

Publishes the Voter Guide, which provides information on all candidates for Town Meeting and town-wide office.

Registers New Voters

Studies Local Issues

Studies Local Issues, such as welfare and affordable housing policy initiatives, diversity in Belmont, the responsibilities of town committees and their selection process, services and programs for seniors.

Hosts Forums

Hosts forums on local issues, including zoning, traffic mitigation, the open meeting law, and long-range planning.

Sponsors Luncheons

Sponsors Winter Luncheon and regular brown-bag lunches with local speakers.

Publishes 'The Belmont Voter'

Publishes the Belmont Voter newsletter with information about local and regional events and coverage of Belmont town committee meetings.

Works With Other Leagues

Works in conjunction with the State and National Leagues on issues of common concern.